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RNA Sequencing

RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) is a high throughput sequencing technique that provides a wide variety of insights into the transcriptome of a cell population.

Even with the advent of single-cell technologies, bulk RNA-seq continues to provide un-matched sequencing depth.

To furnish the most comprehensive service, we provide an optimised protocol combining Illumina Total RNA Prep with Ribo-Zero Plus and Twist Biosciences technologies. This results in high coverage uniformity, precise strand information and robust library preparation from a broad panel of RNA inputs and a variety of sample types and organisms.


  • Relative gene expression
  • Allele specific expression
  • Alternative splicing
  • Isoform expression
  • Detection of non-coding RNAs

Sample types

  • From human, mouse, virus, rat or bacteria origin.
  • Recommended for FFPE and other low-quality or low-input samples (10-1000ng total RNA for standard-quality RNA samples. We recommend a minimum of 100ng total RNA with a DV200>60% for optimal performance).


  • The Ribo-Zero Plus removes ribosomal RNA from multiple species, allowing the detection of coding and non-coding transcripts.
  • Significantly reduces minimum sequencing depth for transcript detection.
  • Provides unmatched sequencing depth from a pool of cells.
  • Unveils the entire transcriptome of a cell population, opposed to microarrays.


NextSeq 500/550, NextSeq 2000 and NovaSeq 6000

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