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Our History

Seqalis™ is a trademark of S.A. since June 2022. This underlines an important milestone in the history of the company. The name embodies the concepts of Service, Quality Assurance and Life Sciences.

This change emphasises our strong willingness to further reinforce our unique expertise and analytical service offering in Anatomical Pathology, Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology through technological and scientific advances in the Life Sciences markets. With our clients, we aim to speed up scientific progress through innovative ideas and paradigm shifts by adapting our technologies to make this step achievable.

The launch of our quantitative TCR sequencing platform for monitoring the immune response of patients in the rapidly growing field of personalised medicine is one of numerous examples.

Seqalis™ will also keep on intensively cross-pollinating with its mother company, the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG), one of the eight Belgian Genetics Centres, to continuously foster innovation in the medical and diagnostic fields.


Creation of the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG)


Creation of the IPG Human Genetics Centre


Creation of the forensic laboratory (stopped in 2016)


Creation of


Move to the Gosselies facility (10,000 m2)


Creation of a biobank for human biological samples


Shareholding in OncoDNA S.A.


Launch of a services portfolio in Molecular Biology, Anatomic-Pathology and Cytogenetics


NGS services (WES, RNAseq, WGS)


Creation of Seqalis
Launch of Immune Monitoring services

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