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Optical Genome Mapping

Bionano Optical Genome Mapping (OGM) revolutionises genomic analysis by using single-molecule imaging based on long DNA fragments migration into nanochannels. This cutting-edge technology enables genome mapping with unprecedented precision, revealing structural variations, large-scale rearrangements and complex genomic profile. By providing comprehensive information on DNA organisation, Bionano’s platform enables a better understanding of genetic variations, improving the detection of genomic alterations.


Main applications

  • Genomic research
  • Detection of structural variations
  • Understanding genetic diseases and variability
  • Discovery of disease-causing mutations
  • Enhances advances in precision medicine


  • Structural rearrangements : translocation and inversion
  • Copy number alterations : complete and partial gain and loss above 5Mb


  • High resolution
  • Ability to map complex variations
  • Exhaustive analysis of genomic rearrangements

Starting material

Cells, blood, bone marrow


We use a Bionano Saphyr system.

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