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Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is a method for analysing entire genomes that is now economically accessible for research and diagnostics. It can be used to identify driver mutations for specific diseases such as single nuclear variants, deletions, insertions or copy number variants in the protein coding exome; but in contrast to WES, it also allows detection of mutations in non-coding regions across the entire genome.


  • Superior uniformity of sequence read coverage,
  • More balanced allele ratio calls,
  • SNP detection sensitivity achieved with lower mean number of reads,
  • Reveals polymorphisms and genomic rearrangements outside coding regions and their immediate vicinity,
  • No risk of probe failures,
  • Higher flexibility in data processing since it is possible to narrow down processed data solely to the exome or to specific lists of genes,
  • Future-proof technique, since non-coding regions that might harbour newly identified disease causing aberrations can be analysed afterwards.


Blood, cells, FFPE DNA, circulating DNA, bacterial DNA…

Our library construction process accepts a very low input (from 100 pg).


Illumina MiniSeq, NextSeq 500/550, NextSeq 2000 or NovaSeq 6000

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